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European Conference of Women Rabbis, Cantors, Scholars and all Spiritually Interested Jewish Women and Men


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Berlin / 13 - 16 May 1999 / 27 Iyar - 1 Sivan 5759

BET DEBORA initiated by Elisa Klapheck, 
Lara Dämmig, Dr. R. Monika Herweg

Thursday, May 13

  • 16.00 Women on the Bima
    Opening Discussion with speakers and special guests
    Opening lecture - Daniela Thau (English)

  • 18.30 Mifgash
    Buffet Reception
    - - Dr. Andreas Nachama, 
    Vorsitzender der Juedischen Gemeinde zu Berlin
    - - Norma Drimmer, 
    Kulturdezernentin der Juedischen Gemeinde zu Berlin
    - - Anna Gertraude Schmidt, 
    Referatsleiterin im Bundesministerium fuer
    Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend
    - - Helga Korthaase, 
    - - Nicola Galliner, 
    Director of the Juedische Volkshochschule zu Berlin

  • 20.00 Lectures:
    -- History of Women in the Rabbinate
    Rabbi Dr. Sybil Sheridan (English)
    - - Experiences as the First Woman Rabbi 
    in Germany since the Shoa
    Rabbi Bea Wyler: (

Friday, May 14

  • 9.00 Shacharit Service
    Rabbi Katalin Kelemen & Katka Novotna (English)

  • 10.00 Lecture:
    The concept of "The Voluntary Jew"
    Dr Diana Pinto (English)

  • 11.00 Discussion
    Egalitarian Communities in Eastern and Western Europe
    Discussion with Hadass Golandsky, Rabbi Katalin Kelemen, Dr Susanna
    Keval, Nelly Kogan, Cantor Pamela Rothmann-Sawyer (German & English)

  • 12.30 Lunch

  • 14.00–16.30 Workshops:
    -- The Status of Women in Community Life, Ritual Functions and the Rabbinate - Discrepancy between Equal Rights and Their Implementation
    Rabbi Dr Sybil Sheridan, Rabbi Sylvia Rothschild (English)
    - - Jewish Education in Eastern Europe
    Rabbi Jane Kanarek, Nelly Kogan (English)
    - - Exegesis and Freedom - Female Points of View on Rabbincal Literature
    Prof. Dr Eveline Goodman-Thau (German)
    - - On Being a Lesbian Rabbi
    Rabbi Elizabeth Tikvah Sarah (English)
    - - Contemporary Reading of Midrashic Literature
    Freema Gottlieb (English)
    - - Between Tradition and Trauma - Jewish Women of the "Second" and "Third" Generation in Germany
    Dr Susanna Keval (German)
    - - Leining - Theory and Practice
    Cantor Pamela Rothmann-Sawyer (German & English)

  • 16.30 Preparation for Shabbat
    -- Walking tour '
    In the footsteps of Regina Jonas' - History of Emancipation of Jewish Women in Berlin
    walking tour with Iris Weiss (German)
    -- Mikva visit (Oranienburger Str. 28 / 29)

  • 19.30 Kabbalat Shabbat
    Cantor Pamela Rothmann-Sawyer & Nelly Kogan

  • ca. 20.30 Dinner
    Restaurant "Rimon" (Oranienburger Straße 26)

Saturday, May 15

  • 10.00 Shabbat Service "British Style"
    Rabbi Sylvia Rothschild, Rabbi Elizabeth Tikvah Sarah,
    Rabbi Dr Sybil Sheridan, Rabbi Daniela Thau

  • Kiddush and Lunch

  • 15-16.30 Study and Relaxation

  • Shiurim
    - - The Parasha through Feminist Eyes
    Rabbi Elizabeth Tikvah Sarah (English)
    - - Rosh Chodesh Ceremonies
    Jacqueline Rothschild (German)
    - - New Concepts of God in Liturgy
    Prof. Dr Judith Frishman (English)
    - - New Rituals - Menopause, Dying, etc.
    Rabbi Sylvia Rothschild (English)
    - - Shabbat on Shabbat? - Alternative Sanctifications of Shabbat
    Rabbi Daniela Thau (German)
    - - A Week before Shavuot - Ruth in the Midrash
    Freema Gottlieb (English)
    - - Historical Discussion with Hanna Hochmann, Dr Ilse Perlman,
    Shoshana Ronen: Which Experiences Can the Older Generation
    Pass to the Younger One?
    moderated by Iris Weiss (German)
    - - Leining - Theory and Practice
    Cantor Pamela Rothmann-Sawyer

  • 17.00 Lectures
    - - Study and Prayer; the Pillars of Jewish Tradition -
    Concept of a Jewish Culture Critique
    Prof. Dr Eveline Goodman-Thau (German)
    - - Reconstructing a Useable Past
    Prof. Dr Judith Frishman (English)

  • 20.00 Dinner and a Music Programme
    - - Chasanut and Jewish Songs - Avitall Gerstetter (Soprano) and
    Chawa Gerstetter (Piano)
    - - Songs of Sarah Siegmann (Pianist and Singer)
    - - Belly Dancing by Jessica Jacoby

  • 22.00 Havdala and Rosh Chodesh
    Miriam Rosengarten and Rivka Jaussi

 Sunday, May 16

  • 10.00 Rosh Chodesh Service
    Rabbi Jane Kanarek & Rabbi Bea Wyler

  • 11.30 Panel Discussion
    Is the Synagogue the Right Place for Emancipation?
    BET DEBORA - Summary and Perspectives

  • 16.00 Concert
    Chasanut - Songs of the Synagogue
    Experiences as a Cantor and a Praying Woman by Mimi Sheffer

  • 18.30 Walking Tour
    History and New Developments in Jewish Life
    Walking Tour by Iris Weiss (German)

Speakers and Organisers

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